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T12 is an all-natural therapeutic tea carefully designed with 12 essential natural ingredients to eliminate toxins, purify the body, restore digestive balance and keep you hydrated. Each ingredient is specially sourced and selected for its unique properties. For maximum benefits, it is best to consume it in the morning and evening. This tea is rich in antioxidants, which restores the body by increasing your flow of oxygen and rejuvenating your cells. Drink T12 daily to reach your weight loss goals naturally and effectively.*

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T12 herbal tea has helped me in the ladt 8months to improve my health by reducing bloating calming my i.b.s.symtoms and also losing some weight .i hsveq taken t12 every night before bed to get a good nites sleep.

***Dettox Tea ***

T12 is packed full of natural ingredients that have stopped my painful bloating after meals. they have also eased my menstrual cramps too when I get them. I also have the best nights sleep ever when I have a cup of this before bed.

My favourite product

I started my weighloss journey at 13 stone 10 pounds and introduced Saba t12 detox tea to my diet plan and loved how it was really easy to drink. I felt less bloated and tons of energy. I suffer with headache as well and it has helped so much with my headaches. Love Saba t12 detox tea. I have now got to 10 stone 6 with the help of this tea.


T12 comes in a packet of 30 it's tea that has many ingredients ,green tea,dandelion,Hawthorne,psylium husk,lemongrass,orange leaf,herbal mate,ginger,licorice,natural aroma,nettle,guarana,and peppermint.its orange flavoured herbal tea.infuse the tea for 2-4 minutes in freshly boiled water that has been cooled down approximately 85c.i like to take this tea at night cos it helps with sleeping problems,also I get bloating which it has helped with and I get ibs so I get less flare up due to t12 I'm not making any medical claims to this though.